The Achievements and Survey Analyses of the Visit of Senior and Vocational High School Students and Teachers from Changhua, Yunlin, and Chiayi Regions

1. The Introduction 

   In order to improve the interaction between our school, National Formosa University (NFU), and the senior and vocational high schools in Changhua, Yunlin, and Chiayi regions, we designed a school visiting event for the first time, which was held on our 2006 school anniversary day. This event was aimed to enhance the participating senior and vocational high students in the departments’ understandings of the departments in our school, of the approaches of advancing education, for the benefit of students’ future planning.

2. Objectives and Subjects 

   This event was raised by President Lin of our school in attempt to promote regional and community relationships in accordance with an university’s social responsibility concepts such as “cooperating with senior and vocational high schools” and “assisting senior and vocational high school students”. The first event therefore brought enthusiastic responses from many senior and vocational high schools from Changhua, Yunlin, and Chiayi Regions, including the Affiliated Industrial Vocational High School of  National Changhua University of Education, National Shiou Shuei Senior Industrial Vocational High School, National Yuan-lin Vocational High School of Home Economics and Business, National Erh-lin Industrial and Commercial Vocational High School, National Hu-wei Agricultural and Industrial Vocational High School, National Si-luo Agricultural and Industrial Vocational High School, National Tuku Vocational High School of Commerce and Industry, National Pei-kang Agricultural and Industrial Vocational High School, and National Chia-Yi Industrial High School. There were almost four hundred students and teachers led by respective principals participating in this event. They came to our school together for an knowledgeable tour.


3. Contents and Application

    On the day of the event, November 24th, President Lin invited all the participating senior and vocational high school principals to join a conference at 10AM to discuss the issues of inter-school cooperation and interactions. Our President Lin also gave a presentation on the school condition. In order to welcome these special guests from Changhua, Yunlin, and Chiayi Regions, our school arranged many various activities, including the guiding interactive film, school anniversary opening show, cheer squad competition, project competition and display of research results, garden party (with recruiting stalls), as well as other displays and performances. We expected that both guests and host could enjoy in the event and the participating senior and vocational high school students could have a rewarding journey.

    In addition, we also arranged experts to commentate and guide our departments and campus so that the visiting students had deeper understanding of the life in our school and the departments we had. Furthermore, we provided the visiting students and teachers with souvenirs, exquisite promotional booklets, and coupons of the garden party in order to let them have fun in learning and then attract excellent students to choose our school for their further study as the win-win situation!
The visual records of this event are shown as pictures 1 to 6:
Event picture 1: Conference of the president of NFU with 
principals of senior and vocational high schools


Event picture 2: Presentation on the departments


Event picture 3:The commentating of lecturers from Department of Vehicle Engineering


Event picture 4: The display of the project results


Event picture 5: The display of the teaching results


Event picture 6:The display of the research results

4. The Surveys and the Analyse

    To understand the effects of this visiting event, we designed surveys for the participating senior and vocational high students and teachers to give their feedbacks. The content of the surveys is shown as the following:

The Survey of the “Visiting Event of Senior and vocational high School Students from Changhua, Yunlin, and Chiayi Regions” of the 2006
National Formosa University School Anniversary

Dear teachers and students,
    Thank you very much for participating in this event. Your participation gave us a chance to serve you and show you our school, our departments, and events such as school anniversary. At the end of this event, before you leave the school, please fill out the questions on this survey and then give it to our service attendants. This is for reference and improvement of future relevant events.    
You do not need to sign your names. Please rest assured to answer.           Thanks again for your participation! Safe Journey!
Best Regards,
National Formosa University, Office of Academic Affairs

2006, 11, 24

I. Basic Questions

A. Your school is a :1.□ senior high school 2.□ vocational school 3.□ both

B. You are a :1.□ principal 2.□ teacher 3.□ employee 4.□ student
C. You are currently at :1.□ first year 2.□ second year 3.□ third year of your school. (for students only)

D. Your school performance in your class is ranked in :1.□ top section 2.□ middle section 3.□ bottom section.(for students only, each section contains one third of the total number of your class)

II. Event-Related Questions
A. For you, this visiting event is :1.□necessary 2.□no comment 3.□not necessary
B. This visiting event to your study advance is:1.□helpful 2.□no comment 3.□not helpful
C. For you, the arrangement of this visiting event is :1.□satisfying 2.□no comment 3.□not satisfying
D. For you, the service of this visiting event is:1.□satisfying 2.□no comment3.□not satisfying
E. In terms of choosing our school to study in the future, this visiting event is:1.□ influential 2.□ no comment 3.□ not influential.(”Influential” here means you are willing to choose our school for study)。
F. For you, the visiting event in the future is:1.□ necessary 2.□ no comment 3.□not necessary

G. Generally, the result of this visiting event for you is 1.□ fruitful 2.□ no comment 3.□ not fruitful

III. Others (Please describe your opinions, leave blank if you have no opinions)
A. What items can be added for this event next year?
B. What things can be improved for this event next year?
C. What suggestions or comments do you have for this event or our school?
(When you finish this survey, please give it directly to our service attendants, thank you!)
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